Into the Wild

The area surrounding the in the north-east of Siberia is scarcely populated. Those who live there make their living with fishing. 300km north of the small village Belaja Gora and six hours on a motor-boat to the East Siberian Sea, they all live in one small dacha. A simple rural life. A few bears, a moose and a lot of fish.

Original story Scheiß auf die WM, geh Elfenbein suchen.
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Russia in June 2018

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Oh, Sergey…
A ❤️ to Russian Photographer Legend Sergey Chilikov.
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Living on Trains
People and their stories on a five day train journey through Russia.
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"This is my Heimat."
"Maybe it's easier in Germany, but I want to do something here."
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The Beach
Village youth hanging out and showing off at their local beach by the river.
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Russian Rebels
Food comes first, morality follows. But people from Tjumen are hungry for more. Like comic star Gosha and his friends.
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On Hunger Strike
Journalist Schura Burtin supporting Oleg Senzow's hunger strike during World Cup 2018. A portrait.
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Come to Moscow!
...says Micha, 27 years old and a fashion designer from Moscow
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Selfmade-man Andrej
Sergej and Tanja made their way in Siberian Taischet. And for the rest of their lifes they desire: no more changes.