The Mobility of the Future

Interviews with Claudia Kemfert, Andreas Knie and Günther Tränkle.

Online Film

Film, Photo-Film, Vertical-Video

IEG Investment Banking

Vertical video series explaining investment trends or highly complex technologies.

About Yin Yang Su Wha

Interview documentary film and photographic production.

SAES Language School

SAES School days in Oxford and Cambridge.

Brafus 2014

A multimedia journey through Brazil. Looking behind the facade of the World Cup 2014.

A Conversation with Romani Rose

The Head of the Central Council of German Sinti and Roma about the significance of the Berlin memorial.

A story about love

And then? „Suddenly I was in the middle of it all.”


Captain Schwandt about the worst storm in his life-time: “Fear? No time for it.”

Why St. Pauli?

About friends saying goodbye to their old grandstand at Hamburg’s Millerntor – and to Horst Schulz.

Why Union?

A story about people who even take holidays for their club.

Work – Meaning and Care

Multimedia installation “Goods Money Pleasure” – Exhibition “Work. Meaning and Care” @ German Hygiene Museum